Edward’s Mercedes CLK55 AMG

“He really really is a brute! I’ve looked for this unicorn for a long time now and finally had the opportunity to fulfill a dream. So after a 1,000 mile round trip to collect it, it’s sat quietly in my garage, waiting for the next time I press the starter button.”

Edward – CLK55 AMG Owner

This is Edward’s 2003 Mercedes CLK55 AMG and as far as he is aware there are very few if any other Jasper Blue CLK 55 AMG coup├ęs, even AMG themselves can’t verify it for him (he asked).

These handbuilt 5.5L V8s need ‘waking up’ to get the best out of the already healthy 367hp engine. This one has everything Edward always wanted to do but would have cost a small fortune including – Kleeman long tube headers, custom exhaust, highflow sport cats, engine remap (425hp), TCU (transmission control unit) remap (much faster gear changes) H&R progressive springs, Quaif LSD and an uprated music system.

….its about how these cars make us feel, and this one really gives Edward a big grin!