Andrew’s Porsche 911 Carrera S

Andrew bought the car in June 2020 during the first lockdown after many months of searching for the right spec.

The spec of the car is quite high and finding one proved quite a challenge, so when this one popped up Andrew moved pretty fast to secure the car.

911 997.2 Carrera S, 3.8L direct injection, flat six, naturally aspirated engine producing 385 bhp @ 6500 revs and 310 lb ft of torque at  4400 revs max revs 7500. It has the superb PDK double clutch gearbox which produces instant changes up or down the box as it already has the next gear selected before you pull the paddles.

0-60 times are variable depending on who you talk to, but Porsche quote a 4.5 to 62mph figure. Which is very conservative, The PDK system takes 0.2 seconds off that due to the instant changes. This car also has the desirable Sports Chrono Pack which includes launch control, this also lowers the 0-62 time by a further 0.2 seconds and a top speed of 188 mph.

When Andrew purchased the car it was black and when he got it home he decided to have the car wrapped in blue which makes it really stand out.

Being involved with the Beauly Sports Car Club has allowed me to meet lots of like minded petrol heads, enjoying days out with the club, chatting to fellow members and admiring all the other owners cars, its a great way to spend a sunny day.

Andrew, Porsche 911 Owner.

Edward’s Mercedes CLK55 AMG

“He really really is a brute! I’ve looked for this unicorn for a long time now and finally had the opportunity to fulfill a dream. So after a 1,000 mile round trip to collect it, it’s sat quietly in my garage, waiting for the next time I press the starter button.”

Edward – CLK55 AMG Owner

This is Edward’s 2003 Mercedes CLK55 AMG and as far as he is aware there are very few if any other Jasper Blue CLK 55 AMG coup├ęs, even AMG themselves can’t verify it for him (he asked).

These handbuilt 5.5L V8s need ‘waking up’ to get the best out of the already healthy 367hp engine. This one has everything Edward always wanted to do but would have cost a small fortune including – Kleeman long tube headers, custom exhaust, highflow sport cats, engine remap (425hp), TCU (transmission control unit) remap (much faster gear changes) H&R progressive springs, Quaif LSD and an uprated music system.

….its about how these cars make us feel, and this one really gives Edward a big grin!

Pavel’s BMW Z4

This is Pawel’s 2007 BMW BMW Z4 3.0SI Coupe. The car’s original power figure was quoted as 265BHP however Pawel has remapped his car to produce 290BHP a nice little upgrade. Pawel has made a few minor modifications to the original car including an upgraded sound system and changing the alloy wheels.